lidl jersey royals

Lidl has focused on the sourcing of its Jersey Royals for the latest ad in its Lidl Surprises campaign.

The TV ad, due to air tonight during Coronation Street and Gogglebox, shines a spotlight on its potato farm in Jersey.

In a continuation of the Lidl Surprises theme, the ad responds to sceptical customer Olivia, who believes Lidl “just calls its potatoes Jersey Royals to make them sound fancy”.

Lidl takes Olivia to the island to meet farmer William Church, who has worked for the Jersey Royal Company for over 15 years and confirms the authenticity of the discounter’s produce.

The ad is expected to reach 10 million viewers across the UK tonight alone.

“We are committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality at the most affordable prices and seeing comments like Olivia’s, which question our quality credentials, really motivates us to continue celebrating and sharing where our fresh food comes from,” said Claire Farrant, marketing director at Lidl UK.

“All of our Jersey Royal potatoes are grown on Jersey and are harvested using the traditional hand-planting and hand-lifting methods that give these wonderful vegetables their superior status. We are incredibly proud to support the industry on the island, and are pleased to be able to showcase this through the latest chapter of our #LidlSurprises campaign.”