Oatly’s slightly clumsy attempt to play on a generational gap in food attitudes elicited some humourless responses. Quorn’s broader, more obviously funny ad does it better.

We meet a boomer-era farmer and home cook, pledging their allegiance to “meat and two veg” and flesh-filled family recipes. But their characters are fun exaggerations – as are a powerlifting hulk, mammoth-munching neanderthal and even a hungry venus flytrap.

But when all these characters (of their own accord, crucially) try a Quorn alternative, they’re variously delighted by the taste and planetary benefits. “Beefcakes don’t need beef,” realises our bodybuilder.

The ad refers to ‘helping the planet’ but doesn’t feel the need to go further: some impressive-looking stats flash up on screen, with an invitation to read more online. A light touch and a bit of levity make the facts more digestible, it seems.