Lily's Kitchen It’s Not Loopy, It’s Love campaign

It’s Not Loopy, It’s Love will kick off on 28 August

Lily’s Kitchen has announced its first above the line campaign in the natural petfood brand’s nine-year history.

‘It’s Not Loopy, It’s Love’ will kick off on 28 August, backed by a £1.5m investment. Including outdoor, print, digital and PR activity, the push is “a playful celebration of all things we do out of love for our pets”, said Lily’s.

It aims to “lift the lid on family behaviours only pet owners understand” – such as choosing only dog-friendly restaurants, or serving a cat its breakfast at 4am.

The messaging “underpins everything we do at Lily’s Kitchen – placing pets, people and the planet at the heart of our brand”, said CEO Henrietta Morrison, who launched Lily’s in November 2008.

“We’re expecting lots of engagement through pet parents sharing the things they do for their pets that might be seen as loopy behaviour.”