LoSalt, the reduced sodium salt, is launching a multi-platform PR and marketing campaign to tap consumer demand for healthier options.

The brand’s aim was to educate consumers to make better eating choices by reducing the amount of salt and sodium they consume, it said. Baby boomers, who were most likely to scratch-cook and be concerned about heart health, were the primary focus, but the push would also target families who had healthy eating as a key priority.

GP and media commentator Dr Sarah Jarvis has been appointed as brand ambassador to help raise understanding of the importance of reducing salt. She will feature in a range of educational videos, appear at public events and conduct media interviews. There will also be a series of educational and recipe videos, ongoing social media activity, and an above the line advertising campaign.

LoSalt will also be sponsoring the food and drink stage at the inaugural This Morning Live show in Birmingham, and there will be sampling at consumer events such as the Swansea Half Marathon.

“Our campaign aims to remind people of, and attract new customers to, the reduced sodium salt category,” said Caroline Klinge, sales and marketing manager at LoSalt. “Salt consumption in the UK remains far higher than is recommended, so there is a clear opportunity to educate people about the role a reduced sodium salt can play in bringing your salt and sodium consumption down.”