Lucozade Find Your Flow ad campaign

Lucozade Ribena Suntory is launching a new marketing strategy for its Lucozade Energy brand as it looks to target older consumers.

The £14m Find Your Flow campaign is designed to highlight the range of flavours offered by the brand, and broaden its core audience from youths to “busy men and women on the go”. It replaces the long-running Yes campaign.

“Consumers are cramming more into their lives and want to find their rhythm and enjoy their work and activities,” said Energy marketing manager Lesley Stonier. “We will showcase to shoppers the role Lucozade Energy can play in helping them enjoy being on form, no matter what the day throws at you.”

Find the Flow will include outdoor advertising, TV sponsorship, experiential activity and PoS from this month. This will be followed later in the year with “extensive” TV, radio and digital advertising.

The campaign comes as value sales of the brand are up 7.9% year on year [Nielsen 52 w/e 25 April 2015] and four years after Lucozade launched the Yes campaign to “put a bit of fun back into the brand”. On-pack promotion The Yes Project, which has run over the past two years, has offered prizes every hour including ‘tickets, tunes, trips and tech’. Yes Project bottles are still in the market and are expected to have sold through by September.

One element of the Yes campaign was the Yes Foundation that supplied products for sporting events and teams. The company expects to continue such activity but rename the foundation.