It’s a tricky one to pull off, but Lurpak has found an instantly recognisable visual style for its ads. Slow-motion, artfully imperfect food, mists of flour, dark backgrounds… we know the product before we see it (see also: Sainsbury’s black-and-white-and-orange efforts).

Its Danish-accented voiceover man helps, too. In Lurpak’s latest effort he attempts to persuade us that cooking is an act of everyday heroism. Cooks can “heal the sick, feed the masses and raise the dead” we’re told, over arch, beautifully arranged tableaux of poorly husbands and hungover housemates. A faux-Gregorian chant – themed around the word ‘yum’ – adds a quasi-religious air.

There’s even time for a food waste/wonky veg message, with rude-looking carrots and “back-of-the-cupboard onions” saved by Lurpak’s legends.

“Where there are cooks, there’s hope,” our Danish inspirer concludes. We’re convinced.