A woman sits at her desk in what could conceivably be a home office, sighing with boredom. It’s her tedious snack, you see: ‘Very Plain Crisps’. She and her plant-watering lackey (maybe it’s not a home office – 10/10 for ambiguity, McCoy’s) are then perturbed by the emergence of a giant, pink, fluffy arm, which flicks the crisp from her grasp and plunges through a vent to the convenience store below.

The arm dips into the c-store proprietor’s bag of McCoy’s Fire Pit crisps, before returning upstairs to pop it into our heroine’s mouth. She likes it. “Don’t deny the beast” goes the slogan.

There’s a hint of heat at the ad’s conclusion, though otherwise it doesn’t make much effort to introduce the new flavours (only one of the three is on show). But what it lacks in specificity it makes up for in weird.