We’re getting used to the Covid-enforced resurgence of the animated ad – but this effort for Jacob’s Mini Cheddars is one of the more sophisticated attempts we’ve seen for a while.

The endearingly old-fashioned cartoon takes us to Cheddar Town. Everything seems sunny and bright, but all isn’t well for our cheese wheel hero. The shop is out of Mini Cheddars, forcing the town’s purple people to go on the hunt. An insanely catchy kids’ TV-style song takes us through the actually-quite-dark action, warning: “Cheeses have to watch their backs / Or risk becoming Mini Cheddar snacks.” Our hero ends up hoisted by his own petard.

The ad wisely ignores the decline of the on-the-go snacks market, instead entertaining consumers in the hope they’ll find their own occasions. The ‘made with real cheese’ message is graphically reinforced, too. And all in 20 seconds! Excellent.