While trumpeting its core pilsner overhaul over the past few weeks, Carlsberg has kept brand ambassador Mads Mikkelsen out of it.

This ad shows the handsome Dane has been otherwise engaged. We see him rowing through a gloomy lake, lamenting Carlsberg’s decision to pursue ‘biggest’ over ‘best’ status in the UK. As he reaches the shore, the reason for the boat trip becomes troublingly clear. “Has the person responsible for the old beer been dealt with?” Mads asks. “Probably.” In the lake, a few bubbles surface. Yikes!

Robert De Niro’s mafia stylings for Warburtons are entertainingly cartoony, but Carlsberg here – not for the first time – capitalises on Mikkelsen’s ability to deliver a genuinely creepy performance. It’s bold and blackly funny, though some might find it a bit much.