Tennent’s borrows some of Irn-Bru’s sense of humour for this advert, which celebrates its homeland – Dunbarton, in particular.

Set to Lulu’s ‘Shout’ (what else?), the ad also celebrates a classic Scottish phrase – ‘ooft’.

As we learn, this exclamation can be applied to almost anything: a reaction to a bloke’s dodgy new haircut, for example, or the simple act of walking into a lamp-post. It also has sporting applications: to celebrate a Dunbarton FC goal, or react to a heavy tackle (from a blue-shirted player to a white-shirted one, notably) in rugby.

Of course, the phrase equally applies to the feeling you get from your first sip of a certain drink. A nice visual pun including the Tennent’s logo is simply the foam on the pint of this ad.