PayPoint and EpoS

Sir, We’re pleased to report that over two-thirds of those running our new, state-of-the-art platform PayPoint One are existing PayPoint retailers who have taken a positive decision to upgrade their kit (see Talking Shop, p22). EPoS data belongs to the retailer and we provide cloud-based tools and dashboards to analyse business performance. We may also choose to use data in the same way as other EPoS operators.

We continue to work closely with our retail partners to ensure they have the same technological capability as larger rivals. We’re also having productive conversations with key symbol and wholesale groups about how they can integrate PayPoint One while continuing to support their preferred EPoS systems with our PPOS solution.

Lewis Alcraft, commercial director, PayPoint

Bespoke is not clutter

Sir, Following your article ‘Co-op cuts clutter in marketing overhaul’ (25 March, p6) 2017), I am obliged to clarify that the shopper marketing changes described are only to be implemented by The Co-op, and not by the independent Co-operative societies. My company RMI (Retail Marketing International) operates the retail media centre for nine of the larger independent Co-operative societies (equating to 1,200 stores or 25% of all Co-op stores). An over-simplified, templated method is not best practice, in our view. What improves in-store experience is retailers prepared to collaborate with brands to create bespoke innovative campaigns. RMI has long been a leading advocate of the importance of fair and transparent rate cards, so this is nothing ‘new’ for the Co-op.

Jon Southcombe, MD of RMI

Asda free-range example

Sir, Go Vegan World’s Humane Milk is a Myth campaign has been tugging at my conscience so much I’m on the brink of going vegan.

The launch of free-range milk created hope I could be a dairy consumer without contributing to endemic cruelty. But I found only Asda recognises the value in these products. In the manner of organic, free-range would help struggling dairy farmers by injecting value back into milk, while stemming the increase in veganism. So full brownie points to Asda. Other retailers now need to follow suit.

Helen Down, Treacle PR