Peperami’s claim to be ‘a bit of an animal’ was genius: it conferred a sense of anarchy upon the brand, compounded by its refusal to answer the question of ‘which bit?’.

Now, to reflect its diversification into beef and chicken bites, it’s updated the slogan. ‘We are Animal’ reflects three strands. The original Pork beast is shown daringly leaping across rooftops before announcing how #fearless he is. Chicken gets an extended Footloose-referencing dance workout (he’s #unstoppable) and Beef is shown lifting weights to demonstrate his #power. It’s a funny take on hashtag-heavy ‘inspirational’ marketing.

It’s confident, too. Not many brands would allow grotesque anthropomorphic animations of their products to break wind, as Beefy does mid-workout. You have to admire Peperami’s willingness to go low.