POT NOODLE virtual careers fair

Source: Unilever

The event will run for one month from today (19 May)

Pot Noodle is hoping to encourage students to take up “alternative” careers with the launch of a virtual careers fair.

It has partnered with GradBay, a marketplace that connects students and graduates with businesses, to host the virtual event for one month, starting today (19 May).

The Unilever brand said it wanted to help students realise their career goals “no matter how unusual they may be”.

It will entail a virtual, augmented reality careers fair, which can be accessed from desktop or mobile, which will enable students to learn more about alternative internships.

Pot Noodle and GradBay will then pay for each student’s first month of work.

It ties into the Unilever-owned brand’s Cook Less Live More campaign, which encourages young people to try out alternative internships and careers that align with their passions.

Examples of internships available are for roles such as social broadcaster and operations, e-sports growth associate and artificial intelligence sports researcher.

Unilever’s VP food and refreshments Andre Burger said it was “too easy to go with the flow and follow a conventional career path after university” and that with the current situation, students had “much more time on their hands to explore alternative possibilities”.

Pot Noodle wanted to “showcase the range of careers available and encourage students to find the path that is right for them”, he added.