Poundland has breached advertising regulations, with the ASA finding the retailer guilty of misleading customers.

Though Poundland sells some promotional products at more than £1, clearly marked as distinct promotions instore and online, its website had suggested all items cost £1, the ASA said. This verdict follows three complaints made about the company and was announced today.

Poundland had stated on their “About Us” page and “Our Values” page that “everything for £1” was part of their founding principle and they were “still true to that great vision” with “the same amazing price since 1990”. Poundland also stated that “we are proud to offer you a single £1 price, that hasn’t changed since we opened our first store.”

The ASA said these claims “suggested that every item sold by Poundland cost £1, regardless of whether or not they were sold via a concession arrangement or as promotional goods that were not otherwise available for purchase. Therefore, because that was not the case, we concluded that the ad was misleading.”

The ASA concluded that Poundland breached CAP code rules on the grounds of misleading advertising, substantiation and prices.