Dairylea’s quiet, charming ad featuring two children dangling upside-down from a park railing was banned at the start of the year, after the ASA agreed with 14 complainants that kids might copy it, and potentially choke.

This new ad has a similar style. It shows a couple of kids having fun – in this case clambering about on a skaters’ half pipe in the park. They just about manage to stay on the upright, and pause to debate why their snacks are a triangular shape. “So they don’t roll away?” reckons one. Seems a reasonable enough suggestion.

With that, the children play on. It’s a nice moment, subtly covering nostalgia, curiosity and activity. Most parents will love it: Dairylea will be hoping overly imaginative ones don’t foresee the kids getting run over by Tony Hawk and his mates.