richmond fork cam 1

Source: Richmond

Bang on: Richmond’s fork cam

Fancy photography and clever camerawork is nothing new in food advertising, but who would have thought bog-standard banger maker Richmond would be the brand to move the game on?

Smart shots and inventive CGI abound. We get fork-cam; the view up from the base of a frying pan, and – after a time-lapse shot of it rising as it bakes – get to plunge into the cavernous depths of a toad in the hole. Brilliant!

Less innovative is the use of a corny poem – and the one here won’t stick in the memory for long. But it’s interesting to note how Richmond isn’t making a big thing of its meat-free bangers, merely incorporating them, along with its chicken offering, into the rhyme’s final line.

Taking the plant-based trend in its stride suggests “the nation’s favourite” knows what it’s doing.