shloer personality types

Shloer has teamed up with behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings to create a quiz that categorises people into six types based on the way they pop the cork on a bottle of fizz.

The brand and Hemmings looked at body language research to determine what type of ‘Popping Personality’ consumers have. The quiz, which can be found at the brand’s website, is designed to promote sparkling non-alcoholic option Shloer Celebration.

The six types are: the Dominant Popper, Premature Popper, Popping Performer, the Twist & Shout, the Avoidant Popper and the Spritzer (see below).

“It is fascinating delving into people’s behaviour during moments of celebration,” said Hemmings, who described herself as an Avoidant Popper. 

“Cracking open the cork on a bottle of fizz is the perfect way to set the party mood in swing - sharing a glass of bubbly is part of what makes the social ritual feel special whether you’re drinking alcohol or not,” she added. “The beauty of this research by Shloer is that it not only gives us insight into the party mood, but it tells us more about ourselves and the way we tick in social scenarios.”

The six types of popper

The Dominant Popper - Often male, he’s the person shouting “I’ll do it, I’ll do it”. He thinks he’s the only one in the group who can open a bottle of fizz properly. He’s a high-achieving extrovert who enjoys the power of being in control and likes the attention it brings.

The Premature Popper - Someone who nervously handles the bottle and lets the cork pop out at its own accord in any direction as soon as they’ve taken the wire off, just to get it open as quickly as possible. They’re naturally a little shy and would prefer others to be the focus or take the applause.

The Twist and Shout - A person who twists the cork out of the bottle with a flourish but often gives a small scream of surprise at the noise. They’re the person topping everyone’s glasses up and cracking jokes but are perhaps not quite as confident as they would like others to see them.

The Popping Performer - This person loves the theatre of cracking open a bottle and makes sure there is an audience to appreciate how smoothly they do it. A born entertainer, they love the spotlight and all the world’s a stage. They love to make occasions feel special with a bottle of bubbly.

The Avoidant Popper - This sort of person will avoid opening the bottle if they can by encouraging someone else to take the lead. If they have to open it they will most likely be apprehensive, hold the bottle away from their body and will be very relieved when they finally hear the popping noise! The Avoidant Popper is often extraordinary talented but knows the strengths of their character and where their limitations lie.

The Spritzer - This person loves to be flamboyant and often lets their fizz overflow but they are more thrill than skill. The Spritzer is characterised by someone who loves having a good time and isn’t worried about losing a few drops of fizz to make sure everyone is having a good time with them. They’re the ones at the party spontaneously breaking into song and dance.