Sipsmith’s hapless Mr Swan was a favourite of ours when he first appeared in 2019. Now with Wimbledon beginning, he’s back – and he’s still getting the wrong end of the stick. Or racquet, in this case.

“Wimbledon is now the official tennis of Sipsmith Gin,” Mr Swan solemnly announces. He’s corrected – it’s the other way around, of course – but doesn’t appear to notice, and is instead off musing on the official status of the grass, ball machine, rain… all the things that make Wimbledon special.

The beautiful stop-motion animation whets the appetite for both tennis and a G&T, and Julian Barratt’s voiceover work remains priceless, making a script packed with witty asides sing.

Sipsmith and Wimbledon are natural partners – both benefiting from this touch of irreverence to add relatability to their premium brands.