Yorkshire Tea has a distinguished advertising history, making clever use of famous Yorkies like Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean. To step beyond that formula, it’s gone for something ambitious.

The brand’s first musical campaign stars ‘Skipton Alfie’, who gives us a two-and-a-half-minute song about taking Yorkshire Tea with him on his lads’ holiday. Gutted that he can only pack 10 kilos for his Ibiza trip, we follow his high-energy explanation of how he’s packing cups, kettle and teabags instead of the usual trunks and shades.

The full song is a lot – but it’ll work beautifully in cut-down versions, with the funniest bits referencing a scrape with airport security and Alfie’s tea habit sabotaging a holiday hook-up.

It also chimes nicely with the healthier habits of gen Z – “let’s get lightly caffeinated” isn’t as silly a refrain as it once might have been.