Spar is set to return to TV screens next week as part of a £3m media campaign to promote it as a destination for top-up shopping.

The symbol group, which unveiled its first TV ad campaign in four years last October, will run a series of six ads in its latest TV push, which starts on Monday (4 August).

The first ad focuses on Spar as a brand, building on its initial campaign from last year and “reminding shoppers” Spar provides fresh foods. It will run until 11 August.

From 12 August, the first of five further ads focusing on “product and price” will run, with a focus on al fresco dining and Spar’s Italian range, featuring own-label pepperoni pizza, three cheese pizza, garlic baguette and Italian-style salad. The ads will show a young, female shopper organising an Italian-style summer get-together, and highlights price promotions including two-for-£4 pizzas, garlic baguette at £1 and 70g mixed leaf and rocket salad at £1.

“From now on, we are going to show the ‘There for you’ brand ad more often,” said Spar UK head of marketing Philippe Rondepierre. He added Spar had “up-weighted the creative value” of the ads with quality food cues to showcase its Spar brand products and remind shoppers Spar offered fresh food at “outstanding value.”

Spar claimed its previous campaign had accelerated footfall and had generated “incredible sales,” including a 47% rise in sales of prosecco.

In May, Spar revealed it would target an additional £145m in sales through own label. As part of this drive, it will introduce a new range of Indian and Oriental meals in September at a two-for-£5 price point. These will feature in the campaign from October.

”Retailers have also got right behind the campaign,” Rondepierre added.