Stella Artoid wimbledon hawk experience

Stella Artois is offering tennis fans a bird’s eye view of Wimbledon – from the comfort of the middle of London Waterloo train station.

To mark its status at the official beer of The Championships, which got under way yesterday (30 June), the brand has created a pop-up simulator, allowing members of the public to experience the grounds from the POV of Rufus, the Harris Hawk used to keep pigeons away from the venue.

The ‘Perfect Flight’ experience uses the Oculus Rift head-mounted virtual reality device and headphones to create an immersive, 360° view of Wimbledon. The simulator will be open between 9am and 7pm until this Thursday, 2 July.

To offer a similar experience to fans in other places, the AB InBev brand has also launched a ‘Perfect Flight’ app for Android, with an iOS version to follow.

The app is used in conjunction with Google Cardboard, a foldable box that turns certain models of phone into a VR-style headset. Stella said the app provided a “near-identical experience to that on offer at London Waterloo”.