It seems summer has arrived, and with it the season’s traditional cider adverts. High five!

Kopparberg is using the moment to present us with a history of the hand-slapping gesture, which was apparently created in 1977 by two celebrating LA Dodgers baseball players. We’re treated to a montage of historical high fives, taking in punks, athletes, business types, gamers, revellers and even reptiles. It all wraps up at a party as someone plonks down a four-pack of a certain cider, obviously.

It’s an original idea, executed adroitly. But while the Doobie Brothers soundtrack (“without love where would you be now?” indeed) chimes with the times, a montage of casual physical contact doesn’t. It’s not a celebratory ‘we’re back to normal’ campaign – though it would work well as one.

The right ad, for sure – but perhaps not the right time.