Another smaller fmcg brand taking advantage of the opportunity to be on TV, energy drink Tenzing is playing up the ‘Power of Nature’ with its debut ad.

It’s a smart move from the plant-based brand, marking it out against rivals that can sometimes feel artificial. The recipe is, we’re told, “based on the energising brew Sherpa Tenzing [Norgay] drank on his ascent of Everest”, conferring another layer of old-school authenticity upon on it – as well as illustrating it’s a drink for heroes, of course.

Visually, we get some (slightly corny) awesome nature shots, some pictures of Sherpa T himself, and a series of close-ups of all-natural ingredients. The message is clear.

Even the payoff – a simple ‘nice’ – is invigorating. Now, when are we allowed to climb mountains again?