Tesco has a ‘Food Love Stories’ advert for lockdown. Its slogan: ‘Dedicate the food you love to the people you love’.

The fast-becoming-familiar mobile phone montage features people making food ‘for’ loved ones. In some cases this is straightforward: cooking for people in the same home, as a way to show them love.

Other dishes aren’t likely to be physically shared. One chap shows his dish to the camera, declaring it “not as good as yours mum, but I did my best”. A woman says she is cooking for a friend on an emergency flight home – though it seems unlikely she’ll be back in time to eat.

Throw in a smattering of adorable children – one of whom isn’t really that keen on sharing the cupcakes she’s supposedly baking for her auntie – and there surely can’t be a dry eye in the house.

A great way to show how food connects us.