tesco clubcard staff

All next week Tesco customers can round up their bill to the nearest 10p to support its Little Helps to Healthier Living campaign in partnership with Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

The retailer said the move followed a successful trial between 29 April and 3 May in 15 stores.

Tesco said there would be a point-of-sale sign to inform customers about the option to donate.

“If a customer wishes to participate, they will ask the colleague about rounding up their bill. Colleagues will not be prompting customers,” said a Tesco spokesman.

However, the checkout move appears to have upset some Tesco staff, according to anonymous quotes on the Very Little Helps staff forum.

One said: “Went to work yesterday and found that checkout staff will be *required* to ask all customers from Sunday if they would like to round up their purchase to the nearest 10p and the money going to charity.

“I feel that this is offensive as we have collection time at the end of each till and customers can choose to donate if they so wish.”

Another comment added: “I’ve been told I can’t refuse to do it as it’s part of my job and a reasonable request.”

But another comment said: “My initial reaction was, not a chance. This is awful. However, I did ask a family member, without expressing my opinion, how she would feel if she were asked and she really liked the idea. She was enthusiastic. So it has made me think slightly differently.”