Tetley tea folk

Tetley is campaigning to bring back the office tea break after research revealed nearly half of workers were too busy to take one.

The brand has launched a social media push after 44% of 2,000 consumers it polled said they couldn’t make time for a break. A quarter of those surveyed believed they weren’t allowed to take time out for a cuppa, and more than 20% were worried their boss would accuse them of slacking. One in five said they took fewer breaks in a typical day than five years ago.

While taking a tea break had in the past been seen as a valuable social activity in the office, it was now beginning to be seen as an “unnecessary indulgence and waste of productive work time”, said psychologist Honey Langcaster-James. This was despite research indicating that striking a balance by taking short breaks increased productivity and creativity, she said.

“British businesses need to take heed because this reduction in tea breaks could lead to a decline in harmonious workplace relations, employee satisfaction and an increase in stress related absenteeism and turnover,” Langcaster-James added.

Taking time out to properly break from work and recharge was important and could have a beneficial effect for businesses and employees alike, claimed Tetley senior brand manager Alex Snowden.

Tetley is hoping at least 100 British businesses will sign up to the campaign to help Bring Back The Tea Break, with Virgin Media and Russel Hobbs among business to have already committed.