Did you know The Famous Grouse had a name? Apparently he’s called Gilbert. No? Not that famous, then. 

In a special Halloween ad, the cheeky fowl undergoes a werewolfy makeover. Gilbert plods about the darkened Highlands when the clouds part and a full moon shines upon him.

His pupils dilate freakishly and his feathers transform into a gloomy grey-blue. His talons swell and the transformation is complete: he is now… a slightly bigger, grey grouse! A friendly squawk confirms he isn’t evil, just the ‘darker smokier’ version – rather like the brand’s Smoky Black whisky.

You might not have known his name, but Gilbert’s image most certainly is famous, while the brand’s plinky-plonky ad jingle is pricelessly recognisable. A perfect combo of sharp CGI and knowing fun.