tyrells poshcorn

tyrells poshcorn

Tyrrells is rebranding its Proper Popcorn as Poshcorn, as it seeks to further tap “the category of the decade”.

In addition to the name change, the popcorn has a new look featuring a large crest in the centre of the bag, and black and white vintage photos. It is available in 70g to 80g sharing bags (rsp: £1.59) and individual 17g to 23g bags (rsp: 79p ) in four flavours: sea salted, sweet & salty, lemon cupcake and coconut & caramel.

Tyrrells claimed the rebrand followed its existing popcorn range outperforming expectations with year-on-year growth of 48.9% in January [Nielsen 4w/e 31 January 2015].

“We were the first crisp manufacturer to go into popcorn,” said Tyrrells marketing director Jocelyn McNulty. “We were so delighted by the success of it, we decided it was time to step it up a bit. The old Proper Popcorn name was fine, but we wanted to give it that real sub-brand identity.”

She said the opportunity for popcorn came from offering a permissible replacement for foods such as chocolate.

“I’ve worked in a lot of categories, and there aren’t many you can point to that have the future of popcorn - I think it’s going to be the category of the decade,” she said. “If you think about all the people buying bars of chocolate or sharing bags who are looking to make small changes in their lives: popcorn has the opportunity to replace that.”

McNulty added that a “trusted brand” such as Tyrrells could bring to a guarantee that the product would deliver on taste.