Ads for haircare products tend to be populated by models with flowing locks, fixated on running their fingers through their barnets and delivering smouldering looks to camera.

Not so this new ad for VO5. Unilever has made the interesting choice to create a funny ad – and one that refreshingly doesn’t riff on lockdown hair disasters. Our hair-o here is a balding bloke, who tells us “every follicle’s a blessing”, and tells his hairdresser “just a bit off the top please mate”.

When it comes to the snip, however, he just can’t go through with it, repeatedly stilling the bemused barber’s hand. It turns out the scissors aren’t required – merely a skilfully applied smudge of VO5 Matt Clay. The ‘If you’ve got hair, care’ slogan speaks to guys emerging from lockdown in a subtle, down-to-earth manner.