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Ecrebo 1 Waitrose is extending its partnership with POS-based technology firm Ecrebo

Waitrose is set to roll out digital receipts and more personalised offers at the till after signing up for five more years of digital marketing services.

The retailer today announced an extension of its existing partnership with Ecrebo, which has provided the technology behind its personalised offers, vouchers and recipes at the till for nearly two years.

Until now, Ecrebo has analysed shopper basket contents and buying histories to provide targeted money-off vouchers or recipes using ingredients they have bought.

In the next phase of the partnership, the company is set to build on this activity and introduce digital receipts into stores.

Carl Kirby, CRM marketing manager at Waitrose, said customers had responded positively to the personalised till messages since they were first trialled in 2015.

“We wanted to give customers more of what they love and Ecrebo allows us to do that,” he said. “It’s all about looking for affinities with what the customer loves in terms of their relationship with food.

“Response rates and customer satisfaction scores for this channel are all tremendously high.”

Kirby added that digital receipts would provide customers with an extra element of convenience.

“We know people are in a rush and, frankly speaking, if you have something you need to return three days later, it’s a bit of a pain having to go through your kitchen draw to drag out a bit of paper,” he said. “This will give customers the ability to have something at their fingertips in their inbox.”