Heaven knows how much it cost Walmart to make this US ad, which features a fleet of iconic film and TV cars.

The Batmobile and Cars’ Lightning McQueen lead the charge to the Walmart car park, where the vans from Dumb & Dumber, Scooby-Doo and Jurassic Park are, er, parked. Some of the famous occupants pop up, with the Ghostbusters’ Slimer making the biggest (and messiest) impact.

Not only has Walmart secured the rights to the various trademarks - Cinderella, Fred Flintstone and Bumblebee also show up - it’s inventively shot, perfectly soundtracked (by Gary Numan, of course) and a witty script gives Walmart staff (and Knight Rider’s KITT) a chance to shine, too. And then the Back to the Future DeLorean flies in!

What a way to show off a click & collect service. Money well spent.