Wingman stunt

The brand organised topless male assistants for women shoppers

Wingman is planning to retool its marketing and PR strategy to appeal to women as well as men, after a survey commissioned by the male grooming brand discovered 90% of female consumers do their partner’s weekly shopping for them.

The ‘shocking’ result of the nationwide poll of 1,000 women has led to Wingman making moves to reposition itself to target both sexes – and the brand recently organised a ‘cheeky thank you’ to women shoppers in the form of topless male shopping assistants in branches of Waitrose, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

“In such a busy and competitive market, we always need to be thinking of new and exciting activities to get our name out there and to make us stand out,” said Wingman co-founder Stuart Jolley.

The brand’s other originator, Simon Maudsley, added: “We had a feeling that it may be women doing the weekly shop, but we had no idea the amount would be as high as 90%. This was a big surprise, and as a result we are now rethinking some of our marketing strategies so that they appeal to women.”