Marks & Spencer is bringing its food, lifestyle and fashion expertise to the nation’s living rooms by becoming the first UK retailer to launch an app on interactive television sets from Samsung.

The app can be downloaded on to internet-connected Samsung Smart TV sets and offers information on food, fashion, lifestyle and technology trends, as well as recipes, wine and beauty tips.

M&S director for new channels Susan Aubrey-Cound said the app would let consumers “discover [M&S products] from the comfort of their living rooms”.

Consumers cannot yet buy M&S products through their TV sets but Samsung UK marketing director Guy Kinnell said the app would give people “a snapshot of how consumers will be able to shop in the future”. It is already possible for consumers to use the TV app to buy M&S products through their smart phones using QR codes.

Meanwhile, Samsung offers apps from a range of media companies, such as Lovefilm, Netflix and YouTube, as well as Facebook and Twitter, on its interactive televisions.

The M&S app was developed by video agency Adjust Your Set.