Marks & Spencer has reduced saturated fat levels across its fish ready meal range, with new and reformulated meals going on sale this month.

Fish ready meals are often high in saturated fats because of creamy sauces, but M&S said its modifications managed to retain the luxury elements while being healthier.

The new recipes for cod in parsley sauce and Lochmuir salmon fillet with watercress sauce have 35% less saturated fat, M&S said.

"We're pleased we have been able to make these reductions without compromising the products. We always look at ways to make it easier for our customers to make healthier and greener choices, which still taste just as good," said Gordon McDermott, M&S food developer.

"A good example of this is the M&S haddock mornay meal for one, which has had a 50% reduction in saturated fat."

The FSA recently claimed that UK consumers ate more saturated fat than was recommended.