Marks & Spencer has installed contactless payment in nearly all of its UK stores.

The payment technology allows consumers to pay for goods using a card or phone, without entering their pin.

After a successful trial in 25 London stores last summer, M&S has set it up in 644 stores – allowing customers to use the payment method if their basket costs under £20.

M&S said it was now processing 230,000 contactless transactions a week, making it the UK’s biggest contactless retailer. It said contactless payment was proving most popular at self-service tills in food halls.

At M&S Finsbury Pavement, one in three card transactions under £20 are completed by contactless payment.

“In busy central stores that receive a huge lunchtime rush, contactless payment is helping to revolutionise the customer experience. Self check-out tills are already very popular, but contactless helps reduce queue times even further, giving customers a payment option that’s even quicker than cash,” said M&S Finsbury Pavement store manager Richard Cooke.