Unilever has given Marmite fans a place to congregate and share their love for the famously divisive spread – Monumite, a stone ‘shrine’ in Burton-on-Trent.

The sculpture was unveiled yesterday in the town where Marmite was first manufactured, nearly 110 years ago.

Carved from limestone in the shape of a Marmite jar, the public art piece was developed by Unilever and East Staffordshire Council.

The unveiling marked the end of Marmite’s election-themed marketing campaign that kicked off in the spring to decide whether the UK was a nation of Marmite ‘Lovers’ or ‘Haters’.

Bluetooth technology is embedded inside the sculpture to enable people to download digital content about the brand to their mobile phone.

“We think the final sculpture perfectly represents and celebrates our long-standing relationship with Burton and the local area,” said Tom Denyard, marketing manager at Unilever.

“We hope Marmite fans up and down the county enjoy this new addition to the British cultural landscape.”

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