Mars is the latest company seeking to join the 1980s brand revival movement, bringing Treets out of retirement after 21 years. Looking to do ‘a Wispa’, the chocolate peanut variant of the brand, originally launched in 1976, will reappear on Sainsbury's shelves from 29 July in 200g limited edition sharing pouches. Treets, originally available in peanut, toffee and chocolate packets, was dumped in 1988 to make way for the UK debut of M&M’s. While Mars continues to sell bags of chocolate peanut-flavoured M&M’s, trade relations manager Bep Sandhu said there was increasing consumer appetite for the “serene days of childhood”. “The recession has also meant people are staying in more and as 70% of confectionery is shared, this launch is ideal,” she added. The chocolate bitesize sharing market is now worth £76m and growing at 21.3% a year [TNS].