The Twix, Bounty, Snickers Mars and M&Ms tubs had £2.5m of advertising all to themselves and also benefited from a £3.5m spend across the ice cream range in addition to the individual confectionery brands' budgets. Sales Mars ice cream tubs weigh in at £6.2m for the year ending December 30, 2001, according to Information Resources. This figure, though, is across all multiples and co-ops but doesn't include impulse. Mars and Snickers are the top two variants. Information Resources puts the 451ml-500ml tubs sector at £64.7m with tubs at £235.4m and ice cream at £547.9m. The company says­ "Our range of 500ml ice cream tubs have proved to be a huge success in their first year. They helped give Masterfoods the No 1 position in value share of these segments in July ­ outselling even Häagen-Dazs ­ while the Mars tub variant was also the biggest growing line in the entire tubs category for the year." A consumer's view­"My children like ice cream more than anything and they loved the Mars tub. The more sickly and gooey stuff is, the more they like it. The flavours blur together though and are less distinct than in the bar." Fiona Davies, Worthing, West Sussex. {{P&P }}