Eight to 11-year-olds will get the chance to do their own thing in the kitchen with a new Let's Cook range under the McDougalls brand.

Launching in September, the two sweet options - Golden Chewy Flapjacks and Easy Peasy Mini Muffins - and two savoury lines - Tear 'n' Share Garlic dough balls and Scrummy Pizza Swirls - all come with an rsp of £1.99.

As well as providing all the ambient ingredients to make the products, packs carry child-friendly cooking instructions, tips and fun facts, and encourage the traditional cooking practices, such as rolling, kneading and beating.

They will get support from sampling activity and a PR campaign targeting women's press and kids' media, timed for the October half-term holiday. Daphne Hill, marketing manager, said that children were the main driver of the home baking market but that eight to 11-year-olds tended to drop out because of a dearth of products to engage them, as well as increased demands on their leisure time.

"Cooking needs to recapture the imagination of this age group," she added, "by empowering them in the kitchen making real food with just a little help from mum and dad."

She also claimed that the savoury options were the first on the market to target children specifically.