The McVitie's brand is making its debut in the hot desserts category with a range of everyday cakes designed for heating in the microwave.

Heat to Treat cakes will be available from March in a variety of flavours - Double Chocolate, Refreshingly Zesty Lemon, Jamaica Ginger and Lyle's Golden Syrup. They will come in packs of two for £1.29. UBUK is also extending its whole cakes portfolio with an apple & ­sultana loaf and is going to add to its Jamaica Ginger cake range.

A Jamaica ginger & fruit cake will be available from March with further lemon and orange limited editions being added later in the year.

The company's biscuit lines are also being revamped. A blackberry & apple variant of Jaffa Cakes will join the line-up in February as well as limited-edition butterscotch digestives, replacing the current mint offering.

Milk chocolate & orange Viennese melt and espresso plain chocolate shortcake will join the McVitie's Moments range from April.