Findus UK will implement a five-point plan to improve traceability in its supply chain and restore confidence in its brand, CEO Leendert den Hollander has revealed in his first public statement on the horsemeat scandal.

In a written response to The Grocer, he promised the company would: carry out a full traceability test at each supplier, each quarter expand DNA testing on incoming raw materials at its suppliers do more DNA testing on finished products collaborate with regulators and retailers to improve the whole supply chain and review its approved suppliers list.

Findus had already conducted a full review of its quality controls after horsemeat was found in its frozen lasagne, said den Hollander.

While they were “robust”, more DNA testing was required, he admitted. However, he defended Findus’s communications during the crisis, including its claim on 6 February that its beef lasagne had been withdrawn because of “a labelling issue”.

“It is a labelling issue, as what is on the pack was not in the pack,” he said. “If a product is labelled beef, you expect it to be beef.”

He also maintained that Findus had kept the public informed of what was happening.

Den Hollander’s comments come after Lyndon Lea, partner at Lion Capital - the private equity outfit that owns a third of Findus Group - vented his frustration at Findus’s communications on Sky News.

Despite the public dressing-down, den Hollander insisted Findus had the full confidence of its investors. “They understand the challenges our business is facing and they are aware of the steps we are taking,” he said.

He also insisted that the Findus brand would recover from the horse meat scandal.

“We are determined to restore trust in Findus in the UK,” he said. “We have completed full DNA testing of all other Findus UK products, all of which were unaffected. This will be our starting point.”