Retailers, manufacturers and foodservice companies must publicly pledge to source only legal pork or risk being named and shamed, the National Pig Association has warned.

The NPA will write to companies later this month to ask them to pledge not to buy or sell pigmeat from illegal production systems.

An EU-wide ban on sow stalls came into force on 1 January, but the NPA states that while British producers have long been compliant, vast numbers in Europe are not.

Pledge signatories would be celebrated on the NPA website but the others would find their names on a “wall of shame”, said NPA general manager Zoe Davies.

“We will also signpost walls on consumer-facing websites such as to raise awareness among consumers,” she said.

“The entire food chain is responsible for ensuring only legal pork is sold, and we will hold them to account.”

Large retailers were well briefed on the issue and response from the foodservice sector had been “very impressive”.

“Our biggest concern is the pork product manufacturers, especially those doing the cheap stuff, and branded products,” said Davies.