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Source: The Compleat Food Group/ Pork Farms

The Compleat Food Group-owned brand has launched Pork Meatballs, Maple Bacon, Frankfurters and Bratwurst 

Pork Farms has entered the meat snacking category for the first time with four new products.

The Compleat Food Group-owned brand has launched Pork Meatballs, Maple Bacon, Frankfurters and Bratwurst into major retailers, convenience and independents.

It comes as part of Pork Farms’ wider ambition to become the leader in pork protein, with more NPD to come as the brand looks to add more excitement and diversity to the meat snacking category.

“At Pork Farms we have a long history in creating the highest-quality pork pies, which has helped the brand grow by 45% in the past year alone and cemented our position as the UK’s number one brand in pork pies,” said Nick Partridge, marketing manager at Pork Farms.

“We are now using our significant expertise to move beyond creating the tastiest pork pies to deliver the best in pork meat snacking, to attract a new, younger audience and draw more shoppers to the fixture.”

The Pork Farms Pork Meatballs (rsp: £2.50/300g) are lightly seasoned and can be eaten hot or cold. They launched into Co-op stores nationwide.

The brand’s Maple Bacon (rsp: £2.50/50g) has launched across convenience and independents and is designed to offer an alternative to the existing smoked cooked bacon products on the market. 

It is sweetened with maple syrup and can be eaten hot or cold.

Seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices, the Pork Farms Bratwurst (rsp: £3.50/540g) is best served hot and has launched into Tesco this month.

The brand has also launched Frankfurters (rsp: £2.50/350g) into Tesco Ireland and convenience and independents in the UK.

They are cooked and smoked, making them “perfect for grilling or making hot dogs”.

“Meat snacking offers significant opportunities for innovation, and our four new products are bringing exciting new flavours and formats to the category,” said Partridge. “It is just the start of an exciting pipeline of NPD for Pork Farms in 2024 as we seek to shake up and drive growth in the category.”