The Jolly Hog Crackling Hog Roast PACKAGING

Source: The Jolly Hog 

The NPD joins the braqnd’s slow cook range, targeting the ‘dining at home’ occasion

The Jolly Hog has partnered with Wiltshire condiment brand Tracklements for a new crackling-wrapped Hog Roast line with sausagemeat stuffing and Tracklements Bramley Apple Sauce.

Bristol-based The Jolly Hog’s new line joins its Slow Cook range, which also includes Thick Cut Pork Ribs and Barbecue Pulled Pork.

Made using outdoor-bred, high-welfare RSPCA Assured British pork, the new Hog Roast line goes on sale in Sainsbury’s this month (rsp: £7.50/575g). Designed to be shared by two, the product can be cooked in 60 minutes.

The NPD hits the market amid a boom in popularity for the slow cook segment, with value sales rising by 17.6% in the three months to the end of March [Kantar].

“Dining at home adventures are ever popular, with consumers enthusiastically buying in to ‘meal for two’ experiences that sees them explore new foods and cooking methods they might not otherwise try for themselves,” the brand said.

The Hog Roast also ensured home cooks mastered “the all-important, but often elusive, perfect crackling and combines the best apple sauce from Tracklements with the best pork from The Jolly Hog to create a succulently tasty midweek or special occasion meal”, it added.

“We love nothing more than putting some of our top-quality pork on the grills or in the heat and leaving it to do its thing over many hours,” said Olly Kohn, co-founder of The Jolly Hog.

“The new Hog Roast with Tracklements allows home cooks to experience eating meat that has been cooked for hours at home with ease. The whole Slow Cook range has been created to deliver convenience without compromising on the taste and quality,” he added.

The Hog Roast SKU and the wider Slow Cook line also incorporate The Jolly Hog’s new 100% recyclable packaging, a move it claimed was a category first.

“This is a big year for The Jolly Hog as we move closer to achieving our commitment of all of our packaging being 100% recyclable by the end of 2024,” Kohn said.

“By making small changes to our products we’re able to have a big impact on our packaging and overall footprint. For example, by adding our delicious barbecue sauce directly on to our ribs we’re removing 14% of the plastic in that product alone. We still have work to do to hit our commitment but it’s great to see this latest updated packaging on the shelves.”