Tulip pig farmer

Aberdeen-based farmer Roderic Bruce now supplies Aldi through Tulip

Tulip has struck a deal with Aldi to become the discounter’s exclusive supplier of fresh Scottish pork.

In a two-year deal brokered to satisfy increased demand for high quality Scottish pork products, the pork giant will supply Aldi’s 81 Scotland locations with fresh pork and a new range of eight lean products including diced pork, 5% fat mince and pork medallions.

The partnership marks the first time Tulip has supplied Aldi directly in Scotland, though the Danish Crown-owned producer’s Scottish pork has previously been sold at Aldi via third party suppliers.

However, Aldi said its Scotland stores would continue to stock fresh British pork as part of its seasonal ranges.

“As a retailer, we are unwavering in our commitment to bring consumers the finest, 100% Scottish SPCA Approved Pork,” said Aldi Scotland’s group buying director Graham Nicolson.

“We’re delighted to continue our excellent relationship with Scottish farmers and form our new partnership with Tulip.”

Consumers were turning to pork as a low-fat meal option, said Tulip, with popularity surging since the AHDB’s Love Pork campaign debuted in September last year following research suggesting consumer perception of pork was of a fatty, old-fashioned meat.

During Love Pork’s campaign’s initial run between September and November 2017, the AHDB recorded an 8% uplift in pork medallion unit sales versus the same period in 2016 [Kantar Worldpanel 1 September to 5 November 2017]. The third ‘Pork Medallion Midweek Meal’ push is due to hit the airwaves again in September.

“We’re delighted to form a partnership with a retailer so committed to helping Scottish farmers,” added Tulip customer director Julian Weeks.

“At Tulip, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality products and factor in sustainability at every level of the company supply chain. It’s all ensuring the long-term future of the Scottish pig industry.”