Exports of Brazilian melons to the UK will increase this season based on current shipping programmes, predicts port operator George Hammond of Dover. Three vessels a month are scheduled. The first yellow Honeydew have been selling well despite competition from Spain. Wholesale market prices have been £5-£5.50 per carton, a premium over Mediterranean competition. Initial crop forecasts are good for when the season gets into its stride before Christmas and other varieties such as Catalina, Galia and Piel de Sappo are expected. Del Monte Fresh Produce is developing its own farms in the north east of the country which will boost its potential exports from one million to 2.5 million cartons this year. To this can be added other suppliers which are also benefiting from a massive government backed development programme in the region. Growers in the Ceara province, for example, have established a new organisation which collectively will produce more than two million cartons. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}