Seachill is hoping to reinvigorate the flagging fishcakes sub-category with the first branded melt-in-the-middle product.

Saucy Centre Fishcakes from The Saucy Fish Co come in smoked haddock with a Davidstow Cheddar sauce, and salmon with a Hollandaise sauce.

Over the past year, fishcake sales had fallen 3.9% to £59.4m, said Seachill sales and marketing director Simon Smith.

M&S is thought to be the only other company that sells a melt-in-the-middle fishcake, launched two years ago.

Its Melt-in-the-Middle Salmon & Watercress Fish Cake is typically made up of 32% protein, 31% potato, 11% sauce and 11% breadcrumb. In contrast, Saucy Fishcakes' salmon variant contains 34% fish, 17% potato, 14% sauce and 10% breadcrumb.

The lines will be launched into about 220 Tesco stores in January (rsp: £3 for a pack of two).