ACE exports caribbean warehouse

ACE Exports, which supplies personal care, grocery and household products to retailers in the Caribbean, has outsourced its supply chain process to Coventry-based DK Fulfilment.

ACE has been operating throughout the Caribbean for more than 25 years. The outsourcing deal will see DKF pick and assemble orders for delivery to the Caribbean on a weekly basis as part of a two-year contract.

Prior to outsourcing, ACE operated three depots in the Black Country region, which have now been removed from the business model to reduce overheads.

“One of the attractions of outsourcing to a third-party supply chain solutions specialist like DKF is the flexibility it brings,” said ACE export consultant Steve Tandy.

“Our Black Country warehouses had to be staffed to a level appropriate to cope with our busiest periods and this meant that when things were less hectic we were paying for personnel that were under utilised. It was a fixed cost that we wanted to lose and outsourcing has allowed us to do so.”

To fulfil the contract, DKF offers three storage chambers and is served by a new fleet of Toyota handling equipment.

“We are delighted ACE Exports chose to award this business to DKF,” said DKF MD Marlk Elward.

“DKF will bring industry leading standards and operational excellence to the contract and we look forward to a successful partnership.”