Sir, I read your article 'Milk dispensers may see bottles binned for good' (11 February) with great interest, as the notion of reducing packaging associated with a commodity most of us consume daily, ie milk, is one that merits serious consideration in the UK.

The concept of milk vending machines has already gained substantial popularity across Europe. They are mainly used by independent dairy farmers to sell milk directly to consumers in numerous locations, such as in and outside shops, or generally in streets and squares of towns and villages.

As the success of refillable detergent pouches has shown, UK consumers are also willing to alter how they purchase goods in an effort to reduce waste.

This mentality, and a variety of other benefits associated with milk vending machines, has led The Milk Station Company to introduce the concept to the UK. The technology has been perfected and applied for 17 years by our manufacturers, which sell vending machines across the Continent. They can be coin or token-operated, some can offer a choice of two types of milk, and dispense milk into containers supplied by purchasers usually glass bottles that can be used repeatedly.

Owing to supermarkets' influence on people's shopping habits in the UK, a significant waste reduction from milk bottles could be achieved in this country too.

Tommy Szebeni, director, The Milk Station Company