Milk Link Ingredient Services is implementing a major business development programme at its Staplemead creamery to capitalise on the growth in the fresh dairy ingredient business.
The ingredients arm of farmer co-op Milk Link estimates it has a 30% market share in this sector, which includes yoghurts, soft cheese, soured cream, crème fraîche and fromage frais. The sector, it says, is the fastest-growing dairy market, with Milk Link doubling output over the last 12 months to an average of 250 tonnes per week of such products.
The new programme will include initiatives to enhance product quality, innovation and customer service levels.Canned fruit is viewed as not as healthy as freshAdults aged 45+ are the core consumers of canned fruit, in particular the 65+ who account for 48 % of consumption.
The 65+ are the traditional consumer group, being more likely to buy canned products than other consumers. They are the most health-conscious group and are most likely to consume their 5-a-day.
However, they have decreased their consumption of canned fruit over the past year, which is contributing to its decline at all occasions, ranging from 3% at breakfast, 7% at the evening meal and 11% at teatime. Lunchbox occasions are down 19%. Consumption peaks on Sundays.
Only 28% of canned fruit is consumed for the primary reason of health compared with 62% of total fruit, so canned fruit is not viewed as being as healthy as fresh.
Enjoyment is the motivator for 45% of all its occasions but its canned format means that practicality is important too (28% of all occasions).
Esther Cunningham